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Death Nectar

Death Nectar

  • $ 11.95

Grinders brings the heat with their Death Nectar Hot Sauce, which has 337,000 Scoville Units.
  • 5 oz hot sauce 
  • Combines a hot kick with an incredible flavor
  • Goes well with Chili, soups, stews, chicken wings, and more
  • Also works well as a marinade or, for those who love a bold hot flavor, as a dipping sauce
  • Allergens: Contains Shellfish
  • Winner of 2013’s Houston Hot Sauce Festival as the Hottest of Hot Sauce and Best Ghost Pepper Sauce

Warning: When we say this sauce is hot, we mean it. For safety purposes, it is not intended for those under 18 years of age or those of any age that can’t handle the heat. Please use with caution and do not get it in your eyes.

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